Do Crystals Really Work?

Do Crystals Really Work?

All of us feel the need to connect. But connect to what exactly? The Mayans looked to the stars to connect to time, the seasons and the cycles of life. Many Indian chiefs tell stories of the wind, the four directions, two-legged beings, four-legged animals and the Great Spirit to show our universe is interconnected. The shamans taught of the healing properties of  plants and how they can be used to remedy many of our ailments. 

In the New age, a four inch screen connects us to information and each other within seconds, but in the same breath, it disconnects with Mother Nature's wisdom. Mother nature is real, she is all around us and is the true connector. 

Mother Nature's Wisdom

So how can we do a reset in order to reconnect? There is a part inside of us that tells us to stop, breathe and listen, as we have everything inside of us. It reminds you that you can find peace even in the midst of chaos, and crystals can aid us to do this. 

Crystals are known as the Stone People

Crystals were known as the stone people, as they believed that within each crystal, there is a story and a spiritual message. Crystals have been deep within the Earth for millions of years, and therefore have the imprint of life and the Earth's evolution. They act as mini record keepers.

Crystals may teach us to connect through silence, with each stone having its own unique blueprint. The process of tapping into a crystal's vibrations is similar to tapping into our own quietness. 


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