The Origin of Agate Crystal and its Healing Properties

The History of Agate

Agate is one of my favourite gemstones as its an excellent stone for helping to heal and improve relationships. Agate was first discovered around the 3rd/4th century (BC) by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher who named the stone after the river in which it was found, the ‘Achates,’ in Italy.

Agate is known as a stone of strength. It was used by Ancient people on the breastplates of their armour to give warriors strength and to make them victorious in battle.



On a more spiritual level, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding our emotions. 


Agate: the perfect gift

Agate can be the perfect gift for someone going through a difficult time. Protective stones, they've long been used as potent amulets that bring courage, instilling confidence and promoting stability and balance.

Another interesting use of agate historically was to ease sickness, by placing the stone in water for cooking and drinking. 

Agate may indeed, enhance creativity and strengthen the mind, benefitting students and artists alike, as well as bringing you good luck. As a stone of harmony, this beautiful stone may balance your yin yang energy. When placed on the Solar Plexus Chakra, it can help you to accept your emotions, or overcome any unwanted emotions.  

I definitely find when I'm wearing my agate necklace or earrings that it enables me to establish new thought patterns and let go of my old unwanted and misplaced feelings. Its just amazing when I reach out for certain jewellery, its that precise piece that I need for that moment in time in my life. Do you ever feel like that with your crystals? Let us know in the comments below!!!



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