The Choice is yours: Use your intuition to harness the power of crystals

Choosing your crystals

There are many ways to make a choice of which crystal to wear according to what you need at the time, but from our humble experience, we believe that the best choice is always using your intuition, (this has always been the right indicator for us!!!)

Listening to your intuition can sometimes be difficult as our minds are always so busy with hundreds of different thoughts fleeting through us as fast as milliseconds. But if we are able to quieten down our minds, be still, reflect and meditate, then we can hear what our very inner beings are telling us.

Often we may reach out to the very first crystal that we need/want to heal in our lives without even knowing what properties the crystal may possess. Sometimes even holding the crystal close to us and feeling its vibration is enough to tell us whether we need it or not. 

Another way, is to look at the various properties and chakras that the crystal can promote and then honing in on those particular ones. Its also a great way to buy a gift for a friend by looking at a chart and thinking about which properties they may need to heal in their lives. 

Quartz is always a great choice as being a master healer it possesses many qualities that we all need and want all the time! Below is a chart, showing which crystals relate to our chakras, and this should make the process a lot easier, as it may seem a little overwhelming to begin with!!! After all, the choice is yours!


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