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I started jewellery making classes with my mum approx 10 years ago (my mum's a real creative!) and the course was based on a technique called bead weaving, which I totally fell in love with. I did this for 3 years and then started making pieces for friends and family. Then my bestie was like why don't you make a collection and I was uming and ahhhhing and then I just did it!!!! I slowly started building up my collection and then I came across some crystals and it was just love at first sight. This fit in perfectly with my lifestyle as I love everything about alternative healing, and each crystal has its own unique healing properties!!! . (I also have lots of tips and tricks if you ever need!!!)


Crystals have now become my intimate passion and a firm staple in my household...their beauty is so enamouring and I'm so uplifted by them.


Believe it or not, I'm a mum of 4, trying to balance work with bringing up a family! You know how the saying goes small kids small problems, big kids, big problems. I never believed that when the kids were little, but now oh boy am I struggling!!! It's so hard to always make the right decisions and give them what they need. Being a creative, one of the things that I really am passionate about is being unique, because there is no one else like you! We all love to follow trends but if we were to follow our inner intuitive self we would always make the right choices!!! Never be afraid to stand out, and make a statement...and always listen to your inner wisdom! Comment below and tell us how you choose to stand out!!! .

  • Sep 29, 2017
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