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Most of the time we are ill because of an imbalance in ourselves. Natural healing will often lend itself to healing the person as a whole rather than just trying to fix body elements temporarily! Generally speaking, people turn to natural healing where conventional medicine has failed. Holistic medicine can often bring about healing on deeper levels. 


All healing is based on a transfer of energy from one source to another. A natural healer is often able to transmit energy from one person to the next. When we are ill or out of sorts, crystals and minerals can often restore our balance by transmitting the energies that are vital to us. In the process of healing by gemstones, energy may flow from the stone with unstoppable force. We can activate a crystal's vibrations by rubbing them and allowing them to warm to room temperature.


Simple Steps to Meditation and Crystal Healing


To attune your mind to the crystal, it is often helpful to play some relaxing music. Then place the crystal next to a candle at eye level and focus on the flame. With your eyes semi-open, watch the light expand, and allow the glow to illuminate the edge of the room. Breathe deeply onto the crystal to further relax your body. 


Now imagine yourself in a well loved setting and think about staying there for a while. Your own vibratory rate should begin to adjust to the crystal's and your higher channels should start to clear. Then take your crystal to a peaceful place without the candle, and concentrate on the stone until its body light expands. Allow the crystal's energy field to surround you, whilst you breathe in the crystal's vibration. You will often find that the crystal can bring you peace and harmony, and you can now  take your mind back to this place whenever you are feeling low. 


When you have built up your collection of different crystals, you can then start using them to ail the different issues you may be experiencing. It's always great to start off with quartz, as this is considered one of the powerhouses of crystals, having a high vibration and resonating strongly with the chakras. We will talk about chakras in our next post! Watch this space....



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