How Do I Choose A Crystal?

What Healing Crystals Do I Need?


The first step to choosing a crystal is by getting it out of your head and locking it into your heart. We have to be able to trust ourselves and our intuition. We know that our intuition will kick in and show us which crystal is the right one for you. But how is this possible you may ask??


You Know Yourself Better Than Anyone Else!

That's right, you know yourself better than anyone else. As you pick up a range of different types of crystals, you will be drawn to some more than others. It could be the shape, the size, the colour, even the feel of it! Your intuition will tell you which is the right one for you, and its often that very first crystal that you've seen. 


Look Carefully At The Crystal


When you've taken a close look at the crystal, you will see its flaws and imperfections inside of it. Ask yourself, which crystal is the most beautiful and draws you in close? This is the crystal meant for you. 


Everyone is Drawn to a Different Crystal


Different crystals will radiate different energies to ourselves. As an example of this, one crystal could be energising for someone and that same crystal may emit tranquility for someone else. This is why its important to focus on aligning our intention with your crystal, whilst also developing your own relationship with each crystal. 


Develop Your Own Relationship With Each Crystal


The same crystal may emit different energies in different situations. In one ritual, a crystal may be used to help in moving forward, while in another it may help to release the past.



Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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