Crystals: The Power to Heal is in Your Hands

I find it truly fascinating knowing the depth and inner meaning behind crystals and gemstones. The beauty of each stone is their uniqueness in its shape and size and the fact that each one has a history of thousands of years, containing tales of wonder and cosmic powers. 


What is a druzy anyways?

 A druzy comprises of thousands of tiny shimmering crystal elements that form on the surface of a gemstone, resembling glittering sugar or snow crystals.


The word druzy comes from the German word "druse" which means Geode. Geode is from the Greek word ge-odes meaning "Earth like." A geode is a hollow spherical mineral that was formed due to volcanic activity, and acts as a "parent" to the hollow part, that is then partially filled with the minerals that become semiprecious gemstones, which then form these beautiful crystals.


Druzy's are acknowledged for their power to purify the body's natural healing properties, thereby stabilising our aura. They may also help to open up blocked energy pathways, to help us find our inner light whilst also strengthening the spirit.


This beautiful gemstone may enhance your positive energy and maximise your strength, as well as encouraging creative thinking and clarity of the mind. Its calming and soothing effect can relieve our daily stresses and tensions, thereby creating more positive energy for its wearer. I know that I always need positive energy around me, because positivity can only lead to great things for everyone. As the saying goes, like attracts like, and I know when I'm feeling positive, only great things can happen to me!!!


  • Jun 06, 2017
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