Crystals and the divine energy of the full moon

Crystals and the divine energy of the full moon 

Did you know that besides all lunar phases the full moon is considered the most powerful one?


    • During its transitions the moon glows all of its splendour and vibrant energies which will enhance your healing crystals and your spirit.


    • Crystals are known to be ‘wisdom keepers of the earth’ and, the full moon governs the power of ‘divine energies’ which is a significant source of illumination, amplification and subconscious power. 


    • The lunar energy possesses the power to stimulate your crystals by fully charging them with its brightness. They are known to store the energy received from the surroundings in order to enhance spiritual and emotional balance. The crystals also have the unique ability to absorb both positive and negative energies which can have a significant influence in your daily life. 
    • It is highly recommended to cleanse your crystals in the light of the full moon because when the moon is at its highest point, it will absorb your intuition and intentions in motion with the crystals. Do not forget to cleanse them during that time for the full moon to recharge, reconnect and then realign with your most desired intentions and eject all negative ones.  


Tips for how to cleanse and prepare your crystals for the Full moon. 


  • In order to cleanse your crystals, you have to gently wash them before the ritual. Make sure you know the crystals that don’t like the water. 


  • Burn a candle in your favourite and sacred space from your house in order to purify the air energy. 


  • Place your crystals in any container and then leave them in the moonlight overnight on your window or terrace from where is the most visible. 


  • Before you take your crystals, the next morning bring the energy closer by saying a little prayer thanking the universe and the moon for charging and cleansing your crystals and then you can gently take them indoors. 


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