Choosing the Shape of Your Crystal: Does It Matter?

The way a crystal is cut, can effect and enhance how you experience the energy. The knowledge of different types of crystal shapes will help you to choose the type of shape you require. For example if you are looking to focus on something in particular, then using a crystal point will enhance the journey!.


A crystal cluster occurs when several crystal points grow together on a matrix. Because of the many different points, a cluster may vibrate at a higher energy in multiple directions, thus ensuring it to be an essential crystal to have.


Crystal points are one of the many used shapes and are extremely beneficial. They are powerful manifestation tool, helping to realise dreams, wishes and intentions at an accelerated rate.


Double Terminated crystals have a termination or point on both ends. The point or end of the crystal is called the termination.They allow the energy to flow readily in both directions and are good for creating balance and flow.







  • Dec 23, 2017
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