Chakras: Crystals to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is a sunskrit word meaning wheels. When two or more channels of energy cross over in the body, a chakra is present. Chakras are also known as energy centres and they are a great way of exchanging energy with our external existence. When people are able to see chakras, they look like wheels!

There are 7 major chakras that are positioned along the midline of the body from the base of the spine to the crown which is the head. Each chakra may correspond to some part of the body . 

Chakras will often go in and out of balance and happens naturally all the time.  A healthy chakra is considered one that is flexible, vibrating and moving in and out of balance constantly. However, there are times when chakras are so out of balance and alignment that it then needs healing. 

Every chakra enhances specific qualities whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. When all chakras are balance and aligned, many positive benefits may be experienced.

One may place crystals directly on or around the chakra points to facilitate healing. Crystals may also be positioned on specific areas of pain and discomfort. Crystals may aid to focus energy directly to the body, so that it may reach the area where it is most needed. Using crystals on ones chakras can both prevent and heal dis-ease.

Positioning Your Crystals

Create a special place where you can relax and focus. Position the right crystal on each chakra point and lie still, relaxing for 30 minutes. Repeat this on a daily basis. 

Try and be aware of how you feel during the healing treatment. You may notice one or some of the individual crystals or experience an overall feeling. The crystals may feel hot or cold, heavy or light as if its not even there and you may experience tingling where the crystal is placed or in other areas of the body. You may feel calm and relaxed, or sometimes you may experience a feeling of heaviness as if you are rooted to the floor, 

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