Behind the Scenes of Our Most Recent Crystal & Gemstone Product Shoot

Jewellery Designer and Content: Miri Shalom

Still life Photography: Valeria Mauro


Still Life Photography for Crystals & Gemstone Jewelery

Tiana Jewel is a bohemian jewellery brand designing healing gemstone pieces to help you tune into the wisdom and spirituality of the universe.

Tiana Jewel’s brand identity embodies a woman who want to feel unique, and in harmony with nature.


Brand Identity & Story - Tiana Jewel

With over 10 years of experience in jewellery design, we are passionate about design and using crystals in our process. Leading a holistic lifestyle has taught us, that there are many ways to heal, and crystals can certainly be a part of that process. Our mission is to send out positive energy into the universe, with the knowledge that crystals will enhance our wellbeing and bring harmony into our lives.

Tiana Jewel's Values




Ethically mined

in Brazil

Small Production Chain

Product Photography for Tiana Jewel

The inspiration behind Tiana Jewel’s still life photography was to be faithful to the identity of the brand, which is devoted to harmony and a holistic vision of life.

The mission behind Tiana jewel is to not be afraid to be unique, wearing something powerful as a crystal, that could be a positive influence for your spirit.

I tried to convey the same idea in the images, placed the jewel in the center of a visual narrative based on pure elements of the earth, creating beautiful and natural surroundings where Crystals and gemstones can shine and sparkle.

I used raw materials, as plants, branches, stones, flowers, feathers, spikes as props, to suggest the idea of a natural essence and a primordial way of being.


I played with colours and lights, choosing a palette of greens, yellows, and brown, aiming to obtain a peaceful and genuine atmosphere.

All backgrounds were designed based on the shape, dimension and colors of the main jewel. Every element in the picture has different energy but work together to create balance and unity.

Inspirations for Tiana Jewel Gemstone Products




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